Graphic Design

Design Services That Shake Things Up a Bit.

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Seriously, though. Everything for your business is born in the design. It’s who you are and how you show yourself to the world. So, it has to be right. It has to capture the essence, the details, the message, and the vision, all in one neat package.

We get that, and we work like crazy to make it happen for you.

What do you need?

A lot of business marketing is online these days, but nothing beats looking someone in the eye while you hand them a little card or brochure. It stays with them and it pops up in their lives at the most opportune times. So, what goes on business cards, flyers, brochures, and your letterhead needs to be succinct to be able to capture your potential customers in those brief moments. We have the expertise to create an eye-catching design to pull them in and just enough content to get them to act.


For consistency and easy recognition, your branding must be clear. It’s more than choosing your colors and fonts. It’s also understanding your voice and the tone of your messages to make sure everything matches. Across social media platforms, print materials, websites, and other advertising, branding is what holds it all together.




It takes intense creativity, intuitive thinking, and design know-how to nail a perfect logo. Not just one that says “Hey, here’s what we do,” but one that when you look at it, you know right away, that’s who you are. It can’t just be good enough. You have to love it. That’s always our drive for getting a satisfied logo customer.




Promotional Items

Be the booth at the trade show with all the attention when you work with Converge Local for your promotional items and swag. Don’t be just another water bottle destined for the back of a dark cabinet. We select and design our promotional items for continual use that gets your business noticed.

 T-shirts and Wearables

When you want to stand out and represent your brand or business, we’ll design T-shirts and other wearables for your team and customers. High-quality, custom, and memorable, our design team strives to give you a product anyone would be proud to wear.

 Direct Mail

Direct mail is alive and well, and we have the stats to prove it. Converge Local has the experience to help you determine the size, style, messaging, and design of your next direct mail campaign to get the results you want. We can even track and manage data to quantify the response for tweaking future campaigns.


Even with our “smarter than smart” phones, people still like the big picture overview that only printed maps can provide. Whether you need colorful local marketing and advertising maps with places to see and things to do, or campus maps for your organization, we’ll get you to your destination.


One of the newest ways to provide a ton of valuable information in a small amount of space is by using infographics. We take your data, story, and end goal and build an infographic that will get attention, get shared, and get people engaged.

Print Ads

Whether you need a small newspaper spot or a full magazine campaign, Converge Local is equipped to provide you complete print advertising solutions that deliver.


A simple box used to be sufficient. Now, how your product arrives or is displayed is just as important as the product itself. We make packaging elements that compliment your products and Wow your customers every time.

Have something else you need not listed here? We do it. Get in touch with us today.

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