Meet the Team

Evan Pettrey




Shortly before this picture was taken we’d been stuck in a mud pit in the hills of West Virginia, miles from the nearest signs of (human) life, with a setting sun, and no cellphone service. But this was meant to be a learning moment,  so we did what we should always do in life – we set out on a journey to overcome seemingly impossible odds. Life isn’t always easy, but if we get creative and we persevere, we’ll look back and smile at what we’ve overcome and be better for it. There’s growth in the challenges, and that’s where I thrive, in my life and in my career.

Brooke Anderson

Chief Convergence Officer



Sam Harris

Director of Sales


Known as “the friendliest guy you’d ever want to meet,” Sam excels at explaining our services and the solutions they provide. Strangers are just friends Sam hasn’t made yet, and he uses that philosophy to put potential clients at ease. Drop Sam a line, for a no pressure, high laughter, and fun preview of what Converge can do for you!

This is a front-porch picture of my family, my wife, Christine, Bailey, Titus, Mary, and Lilou. My family is both my proudest possession and the driving force of my life.

Tyler Weaver

Director of Videography


Tyler’s videography experience spans the globe. He’s trekked all over the planet producing shows like The Given Right on the Discovery Channel and brings that same level of professionalism to our clients. We’re constantly amazed by his skill and know-how, and think you will be too!

A.J. Burns

Sales Associate


A.J. brings the same determination for helping clients as he did to the U.S. Army. “Solid and trustworthy” are words we often hear from our clients when describing him. He excels at helping clients forge a path forward. If you’re curious how marketing could benefit your business, let A.J. know! 

Not really a “candid shot” per se, but it’s one of my favorites. To understand this picture is to understand the context. This was 13 hours into what was supposed to be a short six hour day. This was my first day working with my friend Jones, and the significance for me is the fact that stressful times sometimes create the best friendships. The defining attribute of my life has been the friendships I’ve made, and those I’ve cultivated in the military have been the most rewarding and long lasting.

Steven Showalter



Steven has a knack for all things technical. While you focus on what you do best, Steve keeps the technology engine running so your websites and campaigns run smoothly. As a client of Converge Local, you’ll never be without technical support!

One of my photos from Mongolia, me and some of my cousins all had to cram into one taxi. I believe there were 8 of us total, counting the driver.  I lucked out and got the front seat, and I’m very sure that I’m the only one wearing a seatbelt. One of those experiences that you are glad you had and one your not likely to forget.  But also happy you don’t have to experience on a regular basis.

Quinlan King

Install Manager


We’re pretty sure there’s isn’t anything Quinlan can’t do! Lucky for you, he puts his passion for vehicle wraps front and center to make your ride a mobile billboard. Meticulous and as hardworking as they come, Quinlan is the best around for all things vehicle wrap related!

I was in New York, training for a job. It was at this point I realized, that with hard work and dedication I can make my dreams come true. Ever since, I’ve been driven to accomplish all my goals and push daily to be better.

Josh Buchanan

Graphic Designer


You know those people that put stick figure drawings to shame? Josh is one of those people! With a unique ability to bring pictures drawn on napkins or ideas living in your head to life, Josh takes imagination and graphic design to the next level. A well-rounded artist, Josh is the person that can make your design pop!

I love the outdoors. It is my Escape from everything. When it is a nice day out you can normally cant get a hold of me because I am somewhere on an adventure.