Case Studies

Every problem has a solution, and we can help you find what it is.
From lack of sales to no one knowing your brand exists, we turn your challenge into the change you need.


CrossFit 3xF is a gym in Fishersville, VA. They were looking to level up and get more athletes through their front door, leveraging the power of digital marketing… but they had mediocre experiences in the past. They’d hired all sorts of ‘experts’, and even tried advertising on their own – none of which resulted in any sort of trackable results.


We developed a comprehensive marketing plan to improve his brand awareness and generate leads using a combination of Facebook, Instagram, SEO, email, text messaging, and marketing automation.


In the first 12 months of working with Converge Local, CrossFit 3xf increased their monthly recurring revenue by more than $15,000/month.
In 2018 alone, we’ve generated more than $100,000 in additional revenue as a result of the Facebook campaigns we’ve run.

The Problem 

Valorie and her team tried everything (or so they thought!) to grow their wedding photography business in a way that was scalable and replaceable and just couldn’t find success. They were a team of millennials who thought they had things figured out but approached us to see if there was anything we could do to help.


The wedding photography industry is extremely competitive with a new photographer coming onto the scene every day. The key for Valorie Kelley Studios was finding a way cut through the noise and differentiate themselves.
We developed a campaign strategy that focused on Facebook and Instagram mixed with email marketing and text message automation.

The Results

In the first three months of working with Converge, Valorie Kelley Studios booked 11 weddings. In the next three months, they booked 27 weddings, including 16 in a one-week period. We then developed a system that they could manage themselves so they now have a system they can turn on any time they want to produce
sales on demand.

Video Production

If pictures are worth a thousand words, video is worth a million.
Make your story resonate like never before with professional, creative, and impactful video production.

Logo and Graphic Design

It takes intense creativity, intuitive thinking, and design know-how to nail a perfect design.
You can’t just like it. You have to love it.

Web Development

Your website makes a big impression. Make sure it’s a good one.
From start to finish, Converge Local delivers a website that you can be proud of.

Your web space is your online headquarters, so it shouldn’t be shaddy, unorganized, or bland. It’s your all-day, all-night, on-the-weekends, and even on-holidays sales rep. It reflects on the quality and values of your business, and should welcome and guide your visitors through your story, products or services, and sales process. A bad website equals “I won’t do business here.”

On the other hand…

A great website means you get nights of quality, sound sleep knowing your numbers are churning in the right direction and the reputation of your business is stable. It means the digital face of your business represents you as it should. Converge Local makes it shine.